Custom Made, Engraved Jewelry For Whatever Occasion

Do you ever look for a piece of jewelry that you have specifically in your mind but have SO much trouble finding it in stores?  We completely understand and know the feeling.  That’s why we started this website – for people like you and I who just want to personally design our own jewelry to have it matching the perfect picture in our heads.  I often go shopping for jewelry to match a specific outfit or to wear to an event.  But it’s so hard, especially if you are spending on a budget and don’t have enough resources to make or have someone create that special item.  Here at Ifro, we do custom jewelry.  Whether you want something engraved, adjusted specifically to fit your size, or even designed and created from scratch, we can do that!

We have many special resources in order to ensure that you get whatever you’re looking for.  A couple of sample things we do are personal engraving, size adjustments, repairing broken jewelry, and id bracelets and necklaces.  We love getting inspiration for medical themed jewelry like a diabetes bracelet or necklace.  We totally get that if you have something through special needs that you might require beautiful jewelry pieces to give identification for that.


That’s why we have amazing custom diabetic jewelry so that you are never embarrassed to wear it.  I guarantee they are gorgeous and can look exactly like a beautiful Tiffany bracelet!  You can rest assured that you can look chic while also being safe!

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