Safety and Security for Everyone

Walking alone in the dark can be unsettling. You cannot clearly see what is around you; there could be someone or an animal lurking around out there, but you don’t know for certain. Even walking a short distance in such conditions can leave one anxious.

If your car is some distance away from the building, that walk during the day is no big deal. Hell, it’s an easy way to get a little exercise. However, at night, it’s a different story. If a company has not invested in proper parking lot illumination, there can be many shadowy areas where danger is lurking. This is hardly fair to customers and/or employees. No matter what business you are in, you owe it to patrons and workers to offer a safe atmosphere both inside and outside your establishment.

Some owners complain that the costs required to make such changes are prohibitive. Energy saving industrial projects do require some upfront investment, but the potential savings are usually so great, that money comes back rather quickly. This is due to the incredible advantages of LED technology. LED lights last much longer (meaning fewer dead bulbs and man hours replacing them) and use less electricity, reducing energy bills.

There is also the safety factor we mentioned above. LED lights also provide more effective illumination. With proper placement, those shadowy spots are no more, meaning that people can use the parking area with confidence.

Interested in learning more about how your company can save money and provide a safer experience for users? Contact Tradeforce for industrial LED retrofit information. They have been the area’s leaders in helping organizations enhance their technical abilities, while also saving money. Tradeforce will analyze your parking area and then provide detailed options on how an LED lighting retrofit is the best choice you can make to meet your safety and security goals.

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Lokai Launches Limited-Edition Blue Bracelets to Celebrate World Water Day

Lokai, a global lifestyle brand for seekers of balance, announces the launch of its first colored bracelet : blue, lokai is donating three dollars for every blue lokai sold to charity : water in celebration of World Water Day. Lokai’s goal is to help the charity Water, bring clean drinking water to 10,000 people in Ethiopia.


Lokai’s marquee product is a unisex bracelet that is infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth. The band’s white bead is filled with water from MT. Everest, and its black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea. These extreme elements are to be a reminder to the wearer to live a balanced life.

Founded in 2013, lokai has committed to donating 10% of it net profits to a variety of non-profit organizations. Through word of mouth , social media, influencers and celebrities, lokai has sold over one million bracelets and built an enthusiastic #livelokai community in over 140 countries.

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Custom Made, Engraved Jewelry For Whatever Occasion

Do you ever look for a piece of jewelry that you have specifically in your mind but have SO much trouble finding it in stores?  We completely understand and know the feeling.  That’s why we started this website – for people like you and I who just want to personally design our own jewelry to have it matching the perfect picture in our heads.  I often go shopping for jewelry to match a specific outfit or to wear to an event.  But it’s so hard, especially if you are spending on a budget and don’t have enough resources to make or have someone create that special item.  Here at Ifro, we do custom jewelry.  Whether you want something engraved, adjusted specifically to fit your size, or even designed and created from scratch, we can do that!

We have many special resources in order to ensure that you get whatever you’re looking for.  A couple of sample things we do are personal engraving, size adjustments, repairing broken jewelry, and id bracelets and necklaces.  We love getting inspiration for medical themed jewelry like a diabetes bracelet or necklace.  We totally get that if you have something through special needs that you might require beautiful jewelry pieces to give identification for that.


That’s why we have amazing custom diabetic jewelry so that you are never embarrassed to wear it.  I guarantee they are gorgeous and can look exactly like a beautiful Tiffany bracelet!  You can rest assured that you can look chic while also being safe!

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Custom Made Jewelry

ringWelcome to, where you will find the best custom made jewelry.  We can create anything from a bangle bracelet to diamond earrings.  We are able to provide monogramming or anything you want specifically altered to the jewelry you already own.  We also provide consultations if you’re looking to create something special.

Other things we are able to do are custom made jewelry gifts made in bulk.  Let’s say you need something for a wedding party like bracelets for your bridesmaids.  We can design and create whatever comes to your mind.  If you have a specific piece that you want to re-create, we’re able to do that as well.

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